Friday, June 17

Activity Histories API


We now support the ability to GET all Salesloft Activities that are recorded on the Salesloft Activity Feed. An activity denotes any action that has already happened in Salesloft, unlike an action. This endpoint is perfect for custom CRMs, enterprise reporting tools, and notification systems or bots.

The new Activity Histories API can be filtered by Person, Account, User, and Activity Type.

For details on every activity supported, see this page.

Friday, August 13

One-Off Tasks


We now support the ability to create, list, and show one-off Tasks via our public API. With this endpoint, you can create Tasks for Users in SalesLoft and correlate them with a relevant Person.

Several fields are required to create this object. Full details on this endpoint can be found here:!/Tasks/post_v2_tasks_json

Friday, July 23

Cadence Import & Export


We now support the ability to export and import SalesLoft cadences via our public API. Exported cadences will contain agnostic content that can be imported into any SalesLoft instance. Imported cadences can be created with or without content. Steps can be added to existing cadences that are empty when the id is provided.

POST endpoint for Imports will create cadences with the JSON content provided
POST endpoint for Imports will create steps when the cadence id is provided
GET endpoint for Exports will fetch the cadence settings, structure, and content for the given cadence id

For best practices and help creating cadences from scratch, see this page:

Tuesday, July 6

Webhook Permissions Updated


Webhooks will honor the permissions set for users in SalesLoft. API Users will only be able to create subscriptions to Webhook events if they have permissions for that SalesLoft object.

LIST endpoint will show all subscriptions, both enabled and disabled
LIST endpoint can be filtered by enabled / disabled field
CREATE endpoint will create enabled subscriptions
UPDATE endpoint to set subscriptions to enabled / disabled

Permissions will be checked on UPDATE when toggling from disabled to enabled. Correct permissions for each object can be found on the Webhooks documentation page.

Wednesday, June 2

Filter Account List by Website


We now support filtering Accounts by website on the Accounts List (!/Accounts/get_v2_accounts_json) endpoint. This new filter will support both arrays and _is_null values.

Filter People by New Fields


Additional filters have been added to the People List endpoint.
- filter by import_ids
- filter by job_seniorities
- filter by cadence_ids
- filter by active or inactive owners
- filter by tag_ids

Tuesday, July 21

Filter Account and People List by Custom Fields


We now support filtering by custom_fields on the Accounts List (!/Accounts/get_v2_accounts_json) and People List (!/People/get_v2_people_json) endpoints. Please note that the custom field values are case insensitive, but the custom field names are case sensitive.

You can use these new filters by passing up query parameters in the form of custom_fields[YOUR_FIELD_NAME]=YOUR_VALUE.

Tuesday, February 26

Call Endpoint Improvements


We have added several new API improvements for the SalesLoft Dialer:

  • Sort calls by created_at
  • Retrieve the PhoneNumberAssignment for a user
  • Link a Call and CallDataRecord when creating a Call
  • Provide the status of the CallDataRecord (phone outcome)

Friday, February 15

Call Data Record Updates


Call Data Records have been updated to allow for created_at filtering, displaying the call status, and to create linked records when logging a call. This addition allows for full call logging parity with our application.

Wednesday, January 16

Filter by CRM Id


It is now possible to filter by crm_id on our account list and people list endpoints. You can issue a request for a single crm_id, or an array of them. In order to submit an array request, the format is crm_id[]=A&crm_id[]=B

Monday, July 30



It is now possible to view Tags in the SalesLoft API. You can get started at!/Tags/get_v2_tags_json.

Tuesday, July 17

Contact Restrictions


Person objects have a new field "contact_restrictions". This field indicates whether the person should not be contacted over certain channels. The two channels that we support on this initial release are "email" and "call".

This can be a change for your app if you are filtering based on donotcontact, as it is possible for someone to not be contactable over a channel, but have donotcontact=false. New filters for whether the person can specifically be emailed or called will be coming soon.

Email templates can be filtered by title or subject


Email templates can now be filtered using the "search" parameter. This parameter will do a case insensitive likeness filter on title/subject of the email template.

Wednesday, April 18

Create notes on behalf of a user as a team admin


Notes can now be created on behalf of a user for any token associated with a team admin. This is accomplished by passing the user_guid parameter while creating the note. A created note without the user_guid parameter will default to the requesting user.

Monday, April 16

Call Recording Status on Embedded Recording Resources


the embedded Recording resource will have a new field called recording_status will be included on the call resource having values of

not_recorded: there is no recording available, and there will not be one becoming available.

pending: the recording is queued to be processed 

processing: the recording is currently being processed by the system

completed: the recording processing has been completed

This list of values are non exhaustive and may be added to in the future, completed and not_recorded should be considered as final statuses for a call.

Here is an example response

"recording": {
    "url": "",
    "status": "completed",
    "recording_status": "completed"

Wednesday, March 28

Whitelisting OAuth Apps


SalesLoft OAuth Apps now require whitelisting approval before allowing teams to utilize the app. The creating team can use the app without approval, which will allow for development to occur. There is a topic available at!/Topic/Whitelisting.

Thursday, March 15

Action Completion Flow


2 new endpoints are added to allow for completion of actions: Activity#create and OngoingAction#create.

These endpoints allow for frontend integration actions to be completed via our API. It is not possible to complete other types of actions at this time.

Thursday, March 1

Welcome to the SalesLoft API!


This changelog will track additions to the SalesLoft API resources and the documentation over time.