Wednesday, April 18

Create notes on behalf of a user as a team admin


Notes can now be created on behalf of a user for any token associated with a team admin. This is accomplished by passing the user_guid parameter while creating the note. A created note without the user_guid parameter will default to the requesting user.

Monday, April 16

Call Recording Status on Embedded Recording Resources


the embedded Recording resource will have a new field called recording_status will be included on the call resource having values of

not_recorded: there is no recording available, and there will not be one becoming available.

pending: the recording is queued to be processed 

processing: the recording is currently being processed by the system

completed: the recording processing has been completed

This list of values are non exhaustive and may be added to in the future, completed and not_recorded should be considered as final statuses for a call.

Here is an example response

"recording": {
    "url": "",
    "status": "completed",
    "recording_status": "completed"

Wednesday, March 28

Whitelisting OAuth Apps


SalesLoft OAuth Apps now require whitelisting approval before allowing teams to utilize the app. The creating team can use the app without approval, which will allow for development to occur. There is a topic available at!/Topic/Whitelisting.

Thursday, March 1

Welcome to the SalesLoft API!


This changelog will track additions to the SalesLoft API resources and the documentation over time.